The Hidden Cost of Social Anxiety, and Why Social Anxiety Treatment Is Important

Social anxiety can make day-to-day interactions a struggle.  The fear and worry about other’s reactions can stop us in our tracks. We think we are being judged, ridiculed or ignored.  Sometimes we may even avoid conversations with new people or in large groups. We get

caught in our own minds thinking about how we are coming across rather than responding. We can’t figure out what to say, ands at the same time out mind is screaming “Say something!” We may even get physically uncomfortable by sweating or have our hearts begin to race.

An obvious effect of this is that social anxiety might deprive us of meeting new friends, business partners and other opportunities. However, there is another cost that we may not have noticed.


Are We Rude?

When we don’t engage others, attend social events, or make small talk with people we come in contact with, they may perceive us as “rude”, “arrogant”, or “unfriendly”. They can actually come to have a poor view of us. This is painfully ironic, because the thing we’ve been trying to avoid (being judged) is now happening! We are seen in a negative light, despite our true desire to connect. And hey, I know you’re not rude!


Get Help

I hope this doesn’t make you more anxious,  but it’s important to see this cost and to seek social anxiety treatment. The good news is that social anxiety is very common and also very treatable. If you think social anxiety is making you look rude or aloof, contact me so we can turn this around!