This largely depends on the severity of the problems you’re bringing in, and how willing you are to work on them.

Generally, though, our initial sessions give me a chance to learn about you, what your goals are, and formulate a plan as well as introducing you to some things to try right away. We can get a lot accomplished in as few around six sessions, though twelve is still considered brief therapy.

I ask that you plan on coming every week for at least four weeks to get a solid start. I have found that coming less frequently at the beginning compromises the benefits of counseling. We will have a better sense of the length of your treatment at that point as we get to know each other and establish goals. I like to discuss progress with clients regularly. We may decrease the frequency of sessions to bi-weekly or less as you are able to meet your goals and need less support.

After completing therapy, many clients also enjoy the benefit of having our counseling relationship in place, and are able to return for “check-up” sessions or for another course of therapy if they find they have new issues. Old clients are always welcome back!