Feeling Sad, Stressed, Hurt, or Confused?

I’m Here to Help. 

Is depression or worry taking over your life, and you haven’t been able to get through it on your own? Are you wondering if there’s any way out of your problems? Is feeling down or stressed out affecting your relationships, work, or parenting? Suffering from low self-esteem? Is your marriage or relationship on the brink of ending? Are you ready to get professional counseling to make changes?

Welcome to Mindful Counseling Solutions, the counseling office of Robin Ruscio, MA, LPC. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in Centennial, Colorado,  located near Greenwood Village and Cherry Hills. I specialize in treating depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, and relationships for adults, teens, and couples.  I work with everyone from people looking for a little help or growth in their life to those that have suffered from lifelong mental health problems.

I’m ready to bring my expertise and experience to your struggles by understanding your unique experiences. I believe counseling should be a warm, encouraging,  collaborative, and optimistic experience. I want to help you develop a more fulfilling, satisfying, effective life; one with joy and purpose, not pain and hopelessness. I hope you’ll appreciate my knowledge, wisdom, and presence developed over my five years as a professional counselor.  I’d be honored to work with you to help improve your life.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am- 7 pm, Friday 9 am-5 pm.

I  co-facilitated a Dialectical Behavior Therapy group with Robin. I was struck by Robin’s in depth knowledge of the subject and his ability to not only teach the material effectively but in a way that made it easy to incorporate into every day life.  Robin’s well-spoken, soft guidance of  mindfulness exercises in group was astounding. Robin has an ease and professionalism about him that makes him easy to trust and to find comfort.  I frequently refer individuals and couples to him as I know they will get a committed, knowledgeable and grounded counselor. I know clients will be transformed by working with him.
-Amy C. Davis, MA, LPC, NCC; Sustainable Self Counseling, LLC