Looking for Depression Treatment?

If you’re considering counseling for depression, depression treatment, or depression therapy, here are some important things to consider. Your struggles can be improved through counseling!

Symptoms of Depression

depression counseling

Does life feel overwhelming, sad, or exhausting to you?

Do you find yourself feeling hopeless, lost, and uninterested in the things you’re doing in your life?

Have there been shifts in your sleeping, weight, or eating, either too much or too little?

Do you find yourself feeling worthless or guilty?

Is it difficult to focus on what you’re doing in work, relationships, or recreation because of your negative thoughts and feelings?

Is this a problem that has bothered you only recently, or have these feelings prevented you from living the life you really want?

Do you find yourself doing things you later regret to get away from these feelings? Does it seem like there is no one who can help you or would understand the pain you’re experiencing?

These are all symptoms of depression, and mean it’s time to consider help.

Take this brief depression quiz to see if you might benefit from therapy.

If You’re Feeling This Way, There Is A Way to Get Better!

If so, there’s no reason to suffer forever from these issues. Depression treatment works, and has been empirically validated by scientific research. Together, we can help you create a life that feels vitalized, meaningful, and worth living again, perhaps on a level that you’ve never experienced before. There are proven ways out of what may feel like a black hole of despair that will give you your life back.

You Are Not Alone. Depression Treatment Can Help!

Depression is a very common struggle that more than 25% of the population will experience at some point in their life.  Most people don’t get help and are depressed for years. You don’t have to endure depression alone. I can bring my expertise to your challenges and together we can help get your life back on track.

But Wait. . .

I’ve been like this for a long time. Is it possible to really change?

It’s true, many people live much or most of their lives feeling sad, stuck, or overwhelmed. In fact, sometimes feeling down seems so “normal” that they don’t even realize life could be different.

Fortunately, the techniques and strategies I use in therapy are designed to make lasting, significant changes that really get to the core issues creating depression and even prevent depressive episodes from reoccurring later, even after discontinuing therapy.

I’m already taking an antidepressant (or other medications), and it’s only helped somewhat (or not at all).

While some people see positive changes from medication in terms of their symptoms improving, there are other ways of addressing depression.

Many people respond better to a combination of talk therapy and medication then either alone. Others find that therapy  is sufficient to get their life back on track, without having to worry about the side effects of medication.

If you really want to create a new way of living that permanently changes your life (rather than just treating the symptoms), medication is probably not going to be enough to give you the life your really want. It can be a very helpful tool for some people to enable them to make those changes.

If you are taking medication, I’m happy to consult with your doctor about your treatment to help insure the best possible outcome for you.  Although I can’t prescribe medications, I  am knowledgeable about  antidepressants and other medications for mental health.  I can help you determine if your medications are working  adequately or need to be reviewed with your doctor or psychiatrist so you’re getting the full benefits. (As always, you should consult with your doctor before making changes to your medication.)

I’ve done therapy before, and it didn’t help. How will this be different?


While there are many types of therapy that seem effective, much of what makes therapy work is the therapist themselves.

I trust that we can establish a productive relationship that helps you meet your goals for therapy. I really believe my techniques and approaches, such as mindfulness, are at the cutting edge of therapy treatment, and much more likely to work then some other approaches.

I think depression treatment requires actual skills and lifestyle changes, not just “talking it out” as is the approach by some therapists.

I’d also love to hear about your previous therapy, what was helpful, and especially what wasn’t as helpful, so that we can avoid the same pitfalls. I want this experience to be truly new and novel for you, because I know that if you keep trying the same solutions to this problem that haven’t been successful in the past, that you’re not going to get better results.

There Are a Lot of Therapists in My Area. Why Should I Choose You?

That’s a great question! Here are the things that set me apart:

  • I specialize in treating depression.  I use a number of specific treatments that are effective for depression every day in my office.  I have worked with people who have a single episode of depression, but I primarily work with people who have had chronic problems with depression, even lifelong depression dating back to childhood.
  • My primary approaches to therapy are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which are based on empirically-validated, researched theories that are proven to work with depression and other mental health conditions.
  • I use a wellness and holistic approach to depression. This includes reviewing and improving lifestyle areas including nutrition, supplements, exercise, and sleep.  I provide specific information about how to make changes as well as support when they seem difficult to achieve.
  • I utilize mindfulness in my approach with almost all of my clients, which is a powerful tool that is transforming psychotherapy.  I have over a decade of personal practice with mindfulness and a comprehensive system of techniques to help you with your specific struggles.  I currently run a mindfulness-based therapy group and use mindfulness-based depression treatments.
  •  In addition to my private practice, I teach classes at an intensive outpatient program called The Wellness Treatment Center. This is a special therapy program for people who are more or less debilitated by depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We have excellent results at the program. My experience working with people who are struggling that much  has given me a lot of skills and insight that I want to pass on to you.
  • I am knowledgeable about medication options for depression. I can help you make a decision about whether medication might be an option for you to consider, all while leaving the choice up to you. I can provide detailed information about various medication options; much more than a your doctor or even psychiatrist may have time for. I can collaborate with your prescriber if needed to give you the most coordinated care possible, and I can help you advocate for yourself if you not satisfied with the care you are receiving. I want you to feel informed and empowered in any decision you make.

Let’s Do Something About This!

teen counselor centennialI can help you get your life on back from depression and encourage you to contact me using the pop-up form below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. Or you can call me at my confidential business number (303) 748-4730.

I look forward to speaking with you about your concerns and am happy to answer any additional questions about how I might help you!