Is Anxiety Affecting Your Life?

anxiety-treatment- Centennial CODo you find yourself worried about work, school, or social relationships? Is it difficult or impossible to control your fears and anxious thoughts? Does your mind never stop racing? Do you find yourself feeling “on edge” or “keyed up” constantly? Are you unable to sleep or relax? Have you experienced a panic attack, during which you felt an intense surge of fear and were sweating, had heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, or other physical symptoms that made you feel like you were “losing control” or “going crazy”? Do you wish you could get your life back on track and return to doing the things that matter to you? Do you want to relax and enjoy your life?

Perhaps you find yourself avoiding specific things or places such as social events, driving, or being in public because it feels like your anxiety take over. You may have tried drinking, telling yourself to just “calm down,” watching TV, or distracting yourself to get rid of anxiety or stress to no avail. Maybe you have found yourself feeling down and frustrated because it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do to find relief.

Many People Struggle with Anxiety

Anxiety is incredibly common. Many people live much or most of their lives feeling like they are stuck in fifth gear and can’t slow down. Sometimes feeling stress seems so “normal” that they don’t even realize life could be different. Anxiety can leave us feeling hopeless, distressed, irritable, and isolated. Sometimes when the anxiety is overwhelming, we get desperate to get rid of it, and find ourselves doing things we later regret.

Anxiety serves a purpose in our life. It is our mind’s way of telling us to pay attention, make plans for the future, and avoid potential problems we may encounter. It’s trying to keep us safe and on track. It’s just that sometimes our mind keeps trying to solve problems that are unlikely, beyond our control, or blown out of proportion.

Many people live in a constant state of distress needlessly for years without realizing that it can be changed with guidance and assistance. Stress is an inevitable part of life, but if it’s stopping you from living the way you really want, there are steps you can take to improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The techniques and strategies of anxiety treatment are designed to make lasting, significant changes that really make lasting changes.  You can get relief from anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Get Your Life Back from Worry and Stress

Learning how to work with anxiety, stress, and even panic attacks is something anyone can do. These persistent experiences and sensations are often a matter of not fully understanding what is causing you pain and how to work with your fears, concerns, and worries skillfully. Anxiety treatment can help get your life back from anxiety by teaching you skills and strategies to manage it and slow your mind.

As a therapist, I work with clients struggling with anxiety on a regular basis. Fortunately, I know how to work with these issues in ways that are effective, researched, and often not obvious to us (or wouldn’t we all be better at dealing with stress and anxiety?). In sessions, I can help you increase your understanding of anxiety and teach you new techniques for your anxiety. We can practice these skills right in our sessions so you can go out and apply them in your life.  You can enjoy new levels of ease, relaxation, and peace as you learn to manage your anxiety.

You many believe that anxiety treatment can help you find relief, but still may have questions or concerns…

I’m already taking anti-anxiety medication (or other medications), and it’s only helped somewhat (or not at all).

While some people see positive changes from medication there are other ways of addressing anxiety. Many people respond better to a combination of talk therapy and medication then either alone.  It’s generally accepted in the mental health world that counseling should be the first type of treatment rather than medication. Counseling for anxiety is often sufficient to get their life back on track, without having to worry about the side effects of medication.

If you want to create a new way of living that permanently changes your life (rather than just treating the symptoms), medication alone is probably not going to be enough. As always, you should consult with your doctor before making changes to your medication if you are currently taking it, but know that it is not the only option you have.  And if you are taking medication, I’m happy to consult with your doctor collaboratively about your treatment to help insure the best possible outcome for you.

There are lots of therapists in my area. Why should I choose you?

That’s a great question! Here’s the things that set me apart:

  • Anxiety is one of my specialties.  I use a number of treatments that are effective for anxiety every day in my office.  I have worked with people who have just recently been struggling with anxiety and people who have had chronic problems with anxiety.
  • My primary approaches to therapy are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which are based on empirically-validated, researched theories that are proven to work with anxiety and other mental health conditions.
  • I use a wellness and holistic approach to anxiety. This includes reviewing and improving lifestyle areas including nutrition, exercise, and sleep.  I provide specific information about how to make changes as well as support when they seem difficult to achieve.
  • I utilize mindfulness in my approach with almost all of my clients. It’s a powerful tool that is transforming psychotherapy.  I have practiced mindfulness for a decade with many teachers, and I have a comprehensive system of techniques to help you with your specific struggles.  I currently run a mindfulness-based therapy group and use mindfulness-based anxiety treatments.
  • In addition to my private practice, I teach classes at The Wellness Treatment Center, an intensive outpatient program. This is a special therapy program for people who are more or less debilitated by depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. We have excellent results at the program. My experience working with people who are struggling that much has given me a lot of skills and insight that I want to pass on to you.

Let’s Get Started! 

I can help you get your life back from anxiety. I encourage you to contact me using the pop-up form below to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Or you can call me at my confidential business number: (303) 748-4730. 

I look forward to speaking with you about your concerns and am happy to answer any additional questions about anxiety treatment and my practice!