Teen Counseling for Boys

Considering teen counseling for your son?  Do you feel out of control when it comes to parenting your teenage son? Are you worried that he may be engaged with the risky behavior? Is your teenager falling behind in school? Are you worried your son may not be fitting in socially at school, perhaps retreating to their room to play video games? Is he socially anxious or awkward?  Is your teen “moody”, extremely sad one moment and angry the next, maybe even depressed? Is he struggling with ADHD? Teen counseling offers hope that your teen can have the vitalizing experience of adolescent and prepare them for a successful, fulfilling life.

Being a Teenager is Hard!

Let’s face it, adolescence can be a difficult time for both parents and kids! It’s also really important. This a critical time for development, and the choices they make affect their whole future. The “real world” is already happening.

There are tremendous challenges for boys. They face peer and academic pressure. They may want to be “cool” and “popular”.  Boys are frequently they can’t show feelings (besides anger) and that they always need to look masculine. This article from the New York Times points out some hard truths about boys need to be masculine in light of the tragic school shootings in our country.

Teenagers have a very real need might be trying to find ways to fit in, find their niche or clique. This is an important and normal part of adolescent, but can be painful when it’s not happening. Sometimes teen boys fall in with the wrong crowd in a desperate attempt to find some friends.

Teens are having their first dating experiences, which can be exciting and devastating at the same time, especially because teenage emotions are amplified. A breakup or rejection can feel earth shattering. And as much as you might like not to hear it, teenagers  are likely engaging in more sexual activity than parents are aware of. Teenage boys are seeking adventure and novelty that can lead them to risky choices.

As a parent, this is stressful.  You might be worried where your son is when he’s out at night. He may not be talking to you much, or even be openly hostile. Sometimes there is conflict with siblings, or struggles in a divorced family between parents that affects your teen.

Teen Counseling Can Help!

The good news is that teen counseling is effective. Teen counseling provides a tremendous way to help them (and you) survive adolescence.  Teen therapy gives them an opportunity to discuss some things they would never feel comfortable sharing with their friends or family, and especially with their parents! They can learn to reflect on their choices. Most of them actually know in their gut what is right or wrong, they just need an opportunity to be able to put the brakes when tempted to make poor choices.

There Are A Lot of Therapists Nearby, Why Should I Choose You To Help My Teen?

Great Question! Here’s what makes me different.

First of All, I Really Like Teenagers!

That may sound hard to believe, but I’ve always had a special affinity for teenagers, especially boys. At their best, they are creative, engaging, and filled with hope that sometimes we’ve lost as adults. They are looking to engage their senses fully and challenging themselves to find new identities. I can see the talent many of them possess and like to imagine where they might end up in the future.

I think I have a particular talent in connecting with teenagers because I have a real interest in their lives and the things that are important to them. I take their interests in music, dating, or sports seriously. In counseling research relationship between a counselor and their client is the biggest predictor of a good outcome.

A Male Therapist 

A lot of teenage boys are reluctant to get teen counseling. They might see it as being weak or that talking to someone about their problems isn’t cool. They especially might not want to work with a female therapist. However, they might be more open to working with a male who can understand their unique experiences and relate to them. This can reduce their reservations about teen counseling and allow them to be more honest in therapy sessions then they might be with a female therapist.

I’ve also been told most of them are interested in working with me because I’m not “too old”,  (at least yet!)  I think this makes me more relatable to their experiences and they can usually sense that I’d not totally lost connection with youth culture.

I also provide another male connection, a male role model. This is critical for boys, and the more healthy, understanding and wise men they are around can’t hurt. It’s especially important for boys who may not have fathers or other male role models present in their life.

I’ve Seen Serious Teen Struggles

On the other side of things, I like working with teens because I remember what my friends were going through when I was growing up. They had divorced parents, were dropping out, getting high, lacked direction, shoplifting, being abused or ignored by their parents, even self-harming.  They had parents who were incarcerated or committed suicide.

Saddest of all is that I had several friends attempt or commit suicide in high school or shortly thereafter. I’ve often thought the problems that seemed so insurmountable for them at the time could have been overcome if they had support. As a mental health professional, I’ve been able to look back at what they were going through and realize they had family problems, depression, bipolar disorder, or substance abuse issues that were not being treated.

Even then, I wanted to be helpful and participated in my high school’s peer counseling program. I was able to help a friend stop using methamphetamine. I mentored a middle school kid who had been abused by his father, and I delighted at how helpful it was for him to have a better male role model.

Another reason I think I’m an excellent choice for counseling your teenager is my previous career. I taught private music lessons for 15 years, mostly with teenagers. I enjoyed challenging them to grow musically, and quickly learned their progress was connected to the rest of their lives. Some of them were optimistic, determined, and hard-working, while others were struggle because of low self-esteem, disorganization, and even depression. I will always find it rewarding to share music with kids, but I find it even more rewarding to help them with their whole lives.

Here Are Some Issues Commonly Addressed In Teen Counseling:



Video Game Addiction

Suicidal Ideation and Attempts



Physical or Sexual Abuse

Sexual Orientation

Bipolar Disorder

Self Harm

Low Self-Esteem

Medical and Pain problems

Parental Loss and Grief


Social Anxiety

Family Conflict


School and Academic Problems

Anger Problems

Panic Attacks

Career Counseling

Criminal or Delinquency Problems

Dating Problems


Let’s Do Something About This!

I’d love to discuss teen counseling for your son. I encourage you to contact me using the pop-up form below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. Or you can call me at my confidential business number (303) 748-4730.

I look forward to speaking with you about your concerns and am happy to answer any additional questions about how I might help you!