group-therapy-7-mixed-ages-races1Groups offer us a powerful chance to make transformations in ways that are unique and powerful in ways that differ from individual work.

One of my favorite group formats is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT is a well researched therapy approach that weaves together aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), assertiveness training, relationship skills, and mindfulness practice, all under the umbrella of a radical and life changing philosophical framework. It is delivers specific skill content in four key areas:

1. Mindfulness: Learn to observe the mind and emtotions rather than be pulled into and away by them.
2. Emotional Regulation: Learn to work with moods, keep them more consistent, and create more even moods.
3. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learn to improve relationships and create boundaries.
4. Distress Tolerance: Learn to survive crises and distressing things we can’t change immediately.

DBT is especially useful for individuals with a history of chronic mood problems, relationship turmoil, self-harming behaviors (including suicidal ideation), trauma histories, and abuse histories.

My background in therapy, trauma, mindfulness, as an educator, and my time as the DBT Coordinator at Noeticus Counseling Center (one of the top DBT training sites in Colorado) have all prepared me to offer high quality DBT in the Centennial area. When I first learned about DBT, I quickly recognized the usefulness of the approach and find leading DBT a rewarding endeavor, as we get to cover so much ground in areas that I believe clients find very helpful.

Look for Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups in the Centennial/Denver Tech Center area coming soon!