The Five Stages of Trauma Recovery in Counseling

Trauma or PTSD is one of the most prevalent problems and mental health. Unfortunately, it's incredibly common and can be debilitating, if not life devastating.  While there is a wide variety of trauma [...]

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How Does a Traumatic Experience Lead to PTSD?

The word is literally part of the disorder’s name—post-traumatic stress disorder—so obviously, undergoing a traumatic experience plays a major role in PTSD. Understanding that role is often not as simple as it sounds. Developing PTSD may occur when one goes through or witnesses or learns about a disturbing, stressful, or frightening event (typically more intense than, say, a divorce or job loss). Some of the many examples include violent criminal assault, natural disasters, life-threatening condition, extreme neglect, time spent in a combat zone, sexual assault/violence, and prolonged sexual abuse. […]

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Understanding the Origins of Perfectionism

One of the more insidious effects of early childhood difficulty is perfectionism.  Perfectionism takes many forms, but hinges on unrealistic or unattainable ideals for ourselves, others, and the world. Constant striving for an illusory, perfect world can lead to relationship conflicts, burnout and fatigue in our pursuits, and a deep sense of anger and frustration about ourselves or others when reality fails to live up to our lofty vision. […]

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