How to Start a Mindfulness Practice

Are you interested in mindfulness but don’t know where to start? Have you tried meditating here and there but not turned it into a habit?  Mindfulness can be challenging and confusing at first, b [...]

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Panic Attacks: How to Actually Get Rid of Them (Instead of Making Them Worse!)

Panic Attacks: How to Actually Get Rid of Them (Instead of Making Them Worse!) If you’re struggling with panic attacks, you know how terrifying they can be. They bring an incredibly overwhelming surge [...]

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Try This Quick “Micro-Mindfulness” Exercise To Create More Happiness for Yourself

Try This Quick "Micro-Mindfulness" Exercise To Create More Happiness for Yourself Here's a quick tip on creating more happiness for yourself using what I call “Micro-Mindfulness”.  There is evidence f [...]

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A Quick Tip for Worry, Stress, and Anxiety

Anxiety- A Quick Tip for Worry and Stress We all get caught up by worry and anxiety at times. We can get stuck in our head going over and over again about problems we have. Worse, anxiety can cause us [...]

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Find the Truth: How Mindfulness Shines a Light on Depression’s Lies

As you know, I’ve written often on the topic of major depressive disorder, or “depression.” And for good reason. Consider that about one in six adults experience depression in their lives and up to 80 [...]

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How Does Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Help with Depression?

How Does Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Help with Depression? Depression is a serious, widespread, and growing health issue. About one in six adults experience major depressive disorder in their l [...]

Take These Steps to Cope with Depression

We all experience feelings of sadness and grief from time to time, but major depressive disorder is a diagnosable and serious medical condition. Currently, one in six adults are affected by depression at some point in their life—episodes usually first arising in late teens/mid-20s—and that number is almost double for women. Learning how to cope with depression is an ongoing, but manageable challenge. But, before we get to such steps, let’s first examine the illness itself.  […]

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What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

This psychological intervention blends two complementary approaches: acceptance and mindfulness strategies commitment and behavior change strategies The goal of such a combination is psychological fle [...]

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Ways to Curb Mania and Hypomania for Bipolar Disorder

This is an excellent blog post for those of you who are working to manage Bipolar disorder, particularly the manic or hypomanic ups that accompany the depressive lows. http://www.everydayhealth.com/co [...]

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Anger Management Meditation: How Mindfulness Helps Control Anger

 What does it mean to you when you say, “I’m angry”? To be blunt, the possibilities are limitless. Anger is an emotion and thus, subject to an infinite number of ever-evolving variables. Our feelings belong to us and manifest uniquely in each of us. Of course, anger is no different.The good news: Anger is a form of information that can help guide us.The not-so-good news: We can sometimes process this information in counterproductive ways, for example: […]

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