Are You Depressed? Take This Depression Quiz To Find Out.

Are you wondering if you're depressed and might benefit from counseling for depression?  Many people don't know they're depressed because they don't know the signs or symptoms of depression. Others do [...]

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Could Your Depression Actually Be Bipolar Disorder?

Could Your Depression Actually Be Bipolar Disorder? Many people seeking depression treatment and counseling are struggling with what therapists call “treatment resistant depression”. This is depressio [...]

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How Exercise Treats Depression

I've been saying this a lot the last few years, so it's nice to see both scholarly research and the popular press following this very important idea for depression treatment: Physical exercise is effe [...]

Fight Insomnia with this Super Easy and Effective Tip for Better Sleep- Magnesium

One of my favorite new sleep tips is so ridiculously easy to use that I can't believe I don't hear more about it.  It's especially important if you're struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar, or [...]

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Ways to Curb Mania and Hypomania for Bipolar Disorder

This is an excellent blog post for those of you who are working to manage Bipolar disorder, particularly the manic or hypomanic ups that accompany the depressive lows. [...]

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Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment This is a complex condition, so let’s open with some basics. The term bipolar disorderdoes not refer to the usual “ups and downs” most people experience throughout their lives. It is a brain disorder — formerly known as manic-depressive illness — that impacts nearly six million American adults. Its symptoms are challenging and ongoing, but most importantly, bipolar disorder can be effectively treated. Those living with this condition are enjoying productive, full lives thanks to a blend of medication and talk therapy. To begin understanding bipolar disorder, it helps to learn how to recognize its symptoms. […]

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